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Official Rules & Policies
Part Time Poker Staking - Official Rules and Policies

UPDATE:Bankroll verification rules UPDATED on 11/18/2011

The following rules and policies are the framework from which the site operates. It is the responsibility of all members to know and understand the rules and policies of the site. If there is a particular rule or policy you are unsure about please ASK for clarification either in the
Help Forum or by PMing a Moderator or Member Consultant.

Quick Links
Terms and Conditions
Mission Statement
Common Staking Terms / Definitions
Basic Rules For Using PTP
Specific Rules for Staking
Specific Rules for BAPs (Buy a Piece)
Misc. Policies and FAQ Regarding What We Do / Do Not Enforce
Rules for Posting in Shooting Off (SO)

Part Time Poker Staking

Terms and Conditions

Registration and continued membership of this forum is free. Membership requires your agreement and full acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions. PartTimePoker.com is also referred to as PTP Staking, PTPS, PTP, Part Time Poker and Part Time Poker Staking.

  1. PartTimePoker.com is not responsible for anything that may happen to a member resulting from membership or participation on this site.
  2. Every member assumes full responsibility for ensuring that any activity you engage in here is legal in the jurisdiction you reside.
  3. You hereby give permission to PartTimePoker.com to publicize ANY of your personal information, including but not limited to: phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, photos, urls to social networking profiles on the site as provided by yourself or other members, and seen fit by the moderators or Administrators. You agree to release PartTimePoker.com from any and all liability arising from the release of this information.
  4. PartTimePoker.com provides absolutely no warranty or guarantee whatsoever for any activities or deals made on or off this site.
  5. Staking is an inherently high risk activity and it is not the responsibility of PartTimePoker.com to enforce or police any deals outside the confines of the site. You invest at your own risk
  6. Entrance into a staking agreement constitutes a contract. Any breach of said contract renders you liable and subject to any and all legal measures undertaken in an attempt to force your compliance with said contract. PartTimePoker.com reserves the right to seize any and all investments (including profits) you have on this site to be distributed to your stakers in the event you breach any staking agreement made on this site. You agree to release any claim to your investments in the event of a breach of contract and are liable for punitive damages at the Administration's discretion. You agree to release PartTimePoker.com from any liability that may arise from attempts by the site or representatives of the site to force compliance with said contract should you breach.
  7. PartTimePoker.com is a private forum and your continued membership on the site is at the discretion of the ownership and support staff. We reserve the right to discontinue your membership (ban you) at any time for whatever reason we deem appropriate and without warning. If you are banned your investments will be collected by the site and returned to you once they are all closed out and completed by the player.
  8. Although the administrators and moderators of PartTimePoker.com Forums will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of Part Time Poker Forums, nor Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.
  9. You hereby agree that all money exchanges facilitated on this site will not be used for illegal gambling and are in compliance with all U.S. laws.
  10. PTP Site credit, money you send you to PTP for fees, is not refundable for any balance $20 and under, amounts over $20 can be refunded if not used by request.
  11. By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, racist, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violate any laws.
  12. The owners of PartTimePoker.com Forums reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason and suspend or ban any member for any reason.

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Mission Statement

The purpose of PartTimePoker.com Staking is to facilitate and enforce staking agreements within the confines of the site. PartTimePoker.com Staking does not act as the middleman and collect or distribute money on behalf of it's members unless one of the participants of violates a staking agreement and receives a staking ban on the site. At this point the site moderates the repayment of funds to stakers and decides on enforcement action for the offender. Beyond that all deals are between the respective members of the site: the staker and the player.

PartTimePoker.com Staking collects certain fees to maintain operation of the site. Including BAP ad fees, fees for classifieds, fees for Featured BAP Ads and a 2% fee on all player profits CAPPED at $50.

PartTimePoker.com Staking primary sites for staking are:
Carbon Poker
Minted Poker
Cake Poker
RPM Poker
PartTimePoker.com Staking will vigorously enforce the rules and TOS of these sites. Members are welcome to stake at any site where player to player transfers are allowed.

PartTimePoker.com Staking strives to keep a free and open staking market and only intervenes when our rules or policies are violated or a member requests mediation.

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Following are some common definitions used on the site.

Staker: A person who stakes a player in a poker game by giving them money for a percentage of the profits. Also know as: backer and investor

Horse: A player who gets backed by a staker and receives money from a staker to play specific poker games with an agreement to split profits. Also known as player

BAP: Short for Buy A Piece. Buy A Piece is a forum where players can place an ad with a specific bankroll, requesting backing. Interested stakers reply to the ad stating they will "Buy A Piece" of the player. BAPs allow many stakers to invest in one player at the same time.

Gear: Gear is given to PTP members for breaking one of the forum rules. Follow the rules and avoid the humiliation of sporting gear.

My Stakes: My Stakes is an area where you can review all your stakes. This is where you go to award a stake to someone, accept a stake, and close a stake. It is a fully automated part of the forum. You can find My Stakes in the Stakes link the top of the forum next to User CP, Members and How It Works.

My BAPs: My BAPs is an area where you can review all your BAP investments. This is where you go to sell shares, confirm share sales, and view the rail links for your investments. It is a fully automated part of the forum. You can find My BAPs at the top of the forum under BAPs, next to Stakes link.

SAP: Sell a Piece is a forum where you can post or buy pieces of horses already on the market, usually already running a BAP or Stake.

Player Points:
(PP) Player Points are awarded to players for profiting on a stake or BAP and for shipping money back to their stakers. Player Points primary function is to show how much money a player has shipped on the site to his stakers.

Staker Points: (SP) Staker Points is the amount of money a member has staked out in total on the site. Staker Points only show completed stakes and BAPs.

Stake: A stake is simply any sum of money invested by a staker in a player. The intention of the stake is for the player to use that money and turn it into as much money as possible. The staker sets the terms for the stake. For example, the staker can tell the player what game(s) he wants him to play, when he wants him to stop, and how any profits will be shared. Stakes work the same online as they would if you made a deal with a backer in a regular casino poker room

Stakeback: When placing a stake, a staker will often ask that their stake be returned before determining the split of the winnings. For example, if a horse is granted an $11 stake and wins $50, he will pay the staker a stakeback of $11 + his share of the winnings. If its a typical 50/50 split + stake back, he will owe the staker $11 + 50% of $39 for a total of $30.50. Stakebacks donít apply to losing stakes (i.e. selecting stakeback doesnít obligate the horse to pay you back the stake if they lose).

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Part Time Poker Staking
Official Rules and Policies - GENERAL RULES

  1. Flaming, Trolling or Harassment of any member is prohibited. Habitual flaming, trolling and harassment can result in a temporary or permanent site-wide or Shooting Off ban. Trolling is defined as purposely picking fights and causing trouble with another member or group of members. There is a fine line between getting into arguments and picking fights. Trolling is constantly berating or personally attacking a member for no valid reason and if the member is not a willing participant in the argument.
  2. Posting pornographic material or nude pics is prohibited.
  3. Promotion of external products, services or competing sites, is prohibited. You're not allowed to promote external products, services or competing staking sites in your avatar, signature or in any thread or post without the permission of an Administrator. Posting of any affiliate links for stakes is expressly prohibited, unless you purchase an advertising package for this purpose.
  4. All forums on the site have a specific purpose and threads and posts made in any particular forum must be relevant to that forum. For example: the Make A Deal (MAD) forums are for posting stakes only. Irrelevant posts/threads will be deleted or locked and the poster risks getting gear if it is repeated.
  5. Applying for and Receiving stakes with a Poker account other then the ones in your PTP Forum profile is prohibited. You must be the owner of any poker account listed in your profile. Stakers are not allowed to give stakes to players advertising a different account, nor are players allowed to advertise a 2nd account. Only one poker site account per person, using multiple accounts is prohibited.
  6. All members who reside outside the U.S.A. must have a PokerStars account to be a member of Part Time Poker Staking. If you do not have a PokerStars account please sign up here.
  7. All members members who reside in the U.S.A. must have an account at least one of the Official PTP Staking poker sites, these include RPM Poker, Carbon Poker, Minted Poker or Cake Poker. If you do not have an account at any of these sites you can view all the sites offers and sign up here.
  8. Some forums may have more specific rules for conduct and use of that forum, all members are responsible for knowing the rules of a specific forum.
  9. Racial slurs (and the slur referring to homosexuals) are not tolerated in any forum. Offenders risk temp or perma-bans.
  10. Posting offers for cash trades (site to site, etc) must be limited to the Player to Player Transfers (swaps). Members are not allowed to solicit swaps in any other forum, in signatures or via PM.
  11. Posting of other members pics or personal information such as full names, address, phone numbers, email addresses, etc are prohibited without the member's expressed written permission, or unless the pic or information was already posted by the person on this forum. Altering of member pics already posted by that person will be dealt with on a case by case basis, we expect all members to show each other respect in all interactions on the site.
  12. Posts made in Report Abuse or Appeals threads should be limited to facts and information that are relevant to the specific abuse or appeal - not random +1's or non sequiters.
  13. Making posts for, or posting quotes from banned members may result in a temp ban, unless they are directly related to an appeal in the Appeals Forum.
  14. It is the responsibility of all members to Report Abuse on the site. If you spot someone breaking a rule or policy you must create a thread in Report Abuse.
  15. Solicitation or recruiting players for private/offsite backing is strictly prohibited anywhere on the site unless you have 50,000 Staker Points or more.

The above rules apply to ALL forums, unless otherwise noted.

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Part Time Poker Staking
Official Rules and Policies - RULES FOR STAKES

  1. There is no begging for stakes on PTP. You can only apply for stakes offered in the Make a Deal forum. You may not PM, IM or request stakes from members.
  2. Before you apply for a stake, you must read the Getting Staked page - Youíre probably going to break rules if you start applying without reading it.
  3. Stakers often place requirements in their stakes. Read stakes carefully. If you donít meet all requirements, donít apply and don't post.
  4. If a stake thread has the word ĎPrivateí in the title, you are not eligible to apply unless your name is in the title too.
  5. Do Not Ship funds to any member with a Staking Ban. Members with staking bans have an asterik (*) next to their names. Members with Staking Bans (DNS*, Investigation Gear and Banned) may owe money to other investors, and their funds should be held and shipped to PTP for distribution. When you ship funds to a member with a Staking Ban, please post in appeals so it can be properly recorded. Any Player who fails to withhold funds from a member with a Staking Ban may be held responsible for the money.
  6. If you feel a horse has broken rules with your stake, please report it asap by making a thread in the Report Abuse forum. Provide links to the stakes and as much detail as possible.
  7. Ghost Staking is prohibited. Ghost Staking is when you post a stake for a large amount of money then change the stake to a significantly smaller amount when actually awarding them. You must not reduce your stake more then 20% then the original amount posted.
  8. STAKE FUNDS: Any horse should have their stake funds available at anytime for review or confirmation. Stake funds should not be used for anything else then what the player was explicitly given the money for. The funds are not meant for staking other players or anything else. Any player that floats themselves with stakers money in lieu of a deposit risks getting Gear.
If you donít follow these rules, youíll be shipped GEAR. Gear is an avatar and title that you canít remove that lets other members know you broke rules. Additionally, all of your infractions are recorded in your public profile. Learn more about gear here: Gear

Failure to play or attempting to withhold funds owed to a staker gets you DO NOT STAKE gear with a Staking Ban. Members with this gear are unable to post in the Make a Deal/BAP forums, making it impossible for you to apply for stakes once you have a DNS Staking Ban. When all funds are returned and all debts paid your staking can ban be lifted by posting an Appeal

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Part Time Poker Staking
Official Rules and Policies - RULES FOR BAPs

  1. Do Not Ship funds to any member with a Staking Ban. Members with staking bans have an asterik (*) next to their names. Members with Staking Bans (DNS*, Investigation Gear and Banned) owe money to other investors, and their funds should be held and shipped to PTP for distribution. When you ship funds to a member with a Staking Ban, please post in appeals so it can be properly recorded. Any Player who fails to withhold funds from a member with a Staking Ban may be held responsible for the money.
  2. New Player? You must meet these conditions before running a bap.
  3. BAP FUNDS: Any player should have their Bankroll (All on BAP and Stake funds on the site) funds available at anytime for review or verification. BAP funds should not be used for anything else then what the player was explicitly given the money for. The funds are not meant for staking other players or anything else. Any player that floats themselves with stakers money in lieu of a deposit risks getting Gear and a staking ban. The Anonymous BR check system allows you to request BR checks on players without them knowing who requested it.
  4. MANDATORY BANKROLL VERIFICATION: Any member that opens a BAP (including rollovers) while currently running any other BAPs/Stakes (with a non-zero open bankroll) must verify their site Bankroll with a Admin/Mod/MC before requesting any funds be shipped for the new BAP or Stake. Verification of your bankroll should be posted in your BAP ad by the Mod that verified it. Your Bankroll is defined as the sum of all open BAPS and Stakes on PTP (as shown in your profile). You are not allowed to request funds until your Bankroll on the site is verified, you may however take reserves in a new BAP before getting your Bankroll verified. PROPER BANKROLL VERIFICATION METHOD: To verify a bankroll on PokerStars, the easiest method is to request a player audit. To do so, log into PokerStars, go to Requests >> Playing History Audit and request one for the current day. Choose a generic password for opening the zip file, as you'll need to provide it to us. When you get the email from Stars with the link for downloading the audit, PM the link and password to any Admin/Mod or MC available.

    To verify your bankroll on other sites, or if you don't want to request an audit, you can arrange to use a free program such as Skype, Mikogo or Teamviewer so that a Mod / Admin / MC can view your screen. Please have all relevant windows / sites open before starting the session.

  5. Members are not allowed to sell the same action (cross-sell) on multiple sites with the exception of TwoPlusTwo.com (see below for specific rules on cross-selling at 2p2). If you want to split your action among multiple staking sites, you must divide your bankroll accordingly, just as you would with private non-member backers. Anyone caught selling the same action across multiple sites will have their BAP closed and risk losing BAP privileges.
  6. Cross-selling action on TwoPlusTwo.com: Members are allowed to cross-sell BAPs on TwoPlusTwo.com, however if you do so you must put a disclosure in the BAP Ad on both PTP and 2p2 that you are selling the same action on the other site, with a link to the BAP Ad on the other site. Your stakers on each site deserve to know that you are cross-selling your action.
  7. You cannot run a BAP or stake if you have opted out of SharkScope, Official Poker Rankings or any of the other major stat tracking services.
  8. Rules for LIVE BAPs
    Any member who wants to run a live BAP on PTP must provide the following in their BAP Ad:
    • Full Name
    • Full description of events, where they are being held including links to any websites with updates on the events.
    • A clear plan and description of how the event will be railed, including plans for accessing the Internet or updating a member on the site via phone or email who can post information on the site.

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Part Time Poker Staking
Official Policies

Following are the PTP official policies and procedures regarding common issues and situations that may arise on the site.

  1. Roller Investments and Held Funds (DNS*, IG* and Banned Members)
    The Part Time Poker Moderators will collect and hold funds from DNSed members investments on the site and distribute them to their stakers. It is the responsibility of players to make sure they DO NOT SHIP FUNDS to a player with a staking ban as they owe a debt to other stakers.

    Part Time Poker reserves the right to confiscate ALL investments of DNSed members, including PROFITS (under certain circumstances) and owed Makeup, from BAPs or Stakes, to be distributed among the DNSed member's stakers. Your participation in this forum indicates you agree to these terms and conditions.

    When you close a BAP or a Stake and the staker has an asterik (*) next to their name, please ship the funds to any of the official PTP poker site accounts (payptp on PokerStars * RBNation on FTP). Post a thread in Appeals and a Moderator will verify it and update the Funds Held Sticky.

    If you are owed funds that are being held by PTP, you can post an appeal requesting distribution. Distribution will be calculated and made to all investors across all BAPs and Stakes. We encourage you to wait until all possible funds are collected for the player before requesting a distribution.
  2. Sharing Internet Connections and IP addresses
    Members are allowed to share an Internet connection and access the site from the same IP Address as long as the original member does not have any gear. If you share a connection with a member who is geared, you will probably be shipped Investigation gear, as we have no way of determining who is using which account. Once the person you are linked to has resolved their issue you will be eligible for removal of IG.
  3. Sharkscope stat Resets - members are allowed to reset their Sharkscope stats but must disclose they have done so in any BAPs they run.
  4. Interpretation and Enforcement of the Rules
    The Rules and Policies on PTP are meant as guidelines for the operation of the site. They are not absolute, and are open for interpretation by both Mods and Admins on a case by case scenario. While often times it is clear when a rule is broken or applies to a certain situation, sometimes specific situations that arise can be complicated and the PTP Administration encourages Moderators to take into account various aspects of a situation when applying the rules. This may include the attitude of the member(s) involved, history, prior knowledge, reputation on the site and other factors.
  5. Mutual Fund Accounts
    We currently are not allowing Mutual Funds on the site.
  6. Personal Fund Accounts
    Certain members that qualify are allowed to setup Personal Fund accounts. A PF is a separate PTP account where a staker hires another member to manage their investments. In order to be eligible for a PF account you must have at least 25,000 in Staker Points.
  7. BAP Insurance
    PTP does not accept payments from members as insurance for their BAPs. Please do not ship money to PTP to insure your BAP, as we will return the money promptly.
  8. BAPs and Prosecution of Rollers
    Many members have suggested PTP should collect IDs, SS numbers, and other personal information as a requirement for membership on this site.
  9. Selling Makeup
    Makeup is only sellable if the horse gives specific permission and is documented on the site either in a stake/bap thread, rail, PM or other forum on the site.
  10. Why we will not collect personal information:
    It opens us up to a world of legal liability that we cannot justify, nor will we likely ever, be interested in exposing ourselves to.

    It creates an insane logistical burden that we're simply not equipped to deal with. People don't seem to think through implementation when they suggest these ideas.

    The logistics of data collection aside, the logistics of enforcement would be absolutely impossible. PTP has members from a dozens of counties, states, provinces, countries, etc. pursuing anyone based on information they provided would require a crash course in the laws of their particular jurisdiction - EVERY time it came up.

    If members really want personal information, they can request it on their own. Every member has the option to refuse to invest until you get a scanned ID or whatever information you'd like to have.We provide a system for processing staking agreements between members and we do our best to stop undesirable members at the door and to alert the community to members they should think twice about staking.

    We do not guarantee, in any way, shape or form, that staking doesn't involve risk, nor do we in any way guarantee that we'll help you to recover money you might lose because of a defrauded stake.
  11. We will not LIMIT number of BAPs or BAP amounts:
    Every piece of information available about a member is available in their member profile, including number of baps/stakes out with totals, total invested and all the current information including infractions, and links to stats.

    This is a Free Market. Stakers have the information they need about every horse therefore it is Buyer beware.

    We are here to facilitate deals between players, and we will enforce the rules within the site, anything beyond that is not our responsibility.

    We cannot micro-manage hundreds of members trying to figure out who will roll based on guess work, it just doesn't work. Stake at your own risk.
  12. Explanation on How Gear is Applied
    We deal with dozens of gear cases a month, and for something about how we handle gear to be "true", it has to happen a statistically significant number of times within that total number.

    Why aren't rules applied "uniformly"? there are a number of reasons:
    -- many cases involving gear are far from black and white situations. they involve making judgment calls. it's not like we have a DNS-o-meter that we plug the facts into, and if it hits 7.8, then you get gear. we deal in a world of incomplete information. when we make assumptions, one of the tools we use is the reputation the person has on the site.
    --many cases involving gear require the balancing of what's best for the site, what's best for investors, and what's best in a "letter of the law" sense of adhering to the rules. that balancing act necessarily means that some similar cases will get handled differently.
    --this is a dynamic site. some things that were ok before aren't now (or are less so), and some things that are ok now might not be in a few months. that's the nature of it. this facts also means that rules will often be applied differently in two similar cases separated by time.

    The integrity of the site is based on a number of factors, including the systems we design to help ensure accountability, the steps we take to rid ourselves (and keep ourselves free) of bad members, the (largely incident-free) flow of money between members, and most importantly the transparency of all dealings and actions on the site.

    If, say, shipping DNS somehow automagically forced a roller to pay back, then an inconsistent application would be a huge deal. But it doesn't. It would also be a big deal if the people we 'favor' used that lack of gear to perpetrate additional scams. But they don't (I can't think of a case, anyhow - please feel free to correct me). In short, while rules may be applied unevenly from some user's standpoint, they are (this is important) Always Applied In The Best Interests of the Site. That's our guiding motivation for handling what is (by nature) a subjective system that (this is also important) cannot be applied in a purely objective, quantifiable manner.

    The heart of the integrity of this site lies in the willingness and ability of members to check other members as a community, using some personal tools and some tools that we provide. We've stressed this since day one and will continue to stress it as long as we're here.
  13. We don't encourage, condone or in any way regulate wagering on this site. Please don't come to us to mediate wagers. It's far outside the scope of the site. Same with loans.
  14. We don't moderate off-site behavior. If you make a deal with a PTP member outside of PTP and it falls through, we will not take action on it. If someone wants to make a deal with you for a stake outside of PTP, there's a good chance you're getting scammed.
Use of this site is a privilege, not a right. If you don't respect the community, you won't be around for long - even if you follow the 'letter' of the rules.

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Acceptable Behavior in Shooting Off

This is a summary of what is and isn't acceptable for posts and threads in Shooting Off.

There a zero tolerance policy in ALL forums, including Shooting Off for flaming, trolling, harassment, inappropriate posts and discussions (porn and other obscene subjects) and the like.

If you participate in that type of conduct in Shooting Off, you'll get a temporary ban from posting in SO for 12 hours. You'll still be able to access your rails, BAPs, PMs, etc and this temp SO ban will not effect your ability to conduct business on the site. Repeated violations will result in a permanent ban from SO. There's no RA or Appeals for this offense and is at the discretion of the admins and mods. Permanent SO bans can be appealed after a period of 3 months if the person has demonstrated they have grown up.

Does this mean you can't have friendly debate with other members in SO? Not at all. It's still an internet forum. There is no place for posts like 'stfu n00b', 'DIAGF', posts that intentionally try to get a rise out of members, posts that are an unwarranted attack on members, posts that are unhelpful or completely irrelevant, and so on.

We are also implementing voluntary word filters for the most common offensive and obscene words. With the word filter ON numerous offensive words will be filtered in any post you view. You can turn of the Word Filter in your User CP.

Can you still post legitimate concerns or questions about BAPs or horses? Sure. Can you still offer constructive feedback in a thread even if it has a negative connotation? Absolutely. There's a clear line between a well-reasoned post disagreeing with another member or criticizing something and a post that just seeks to inflame and insult, and we think almost everyone gets that difference. If not, the new policies should help to clarify.

If you have a real problem with another member, you should: First PM the member and work it out, then PM a mod and voice your concerns or post a thread in Report Abuse. If you can't settle the problem one of those three ways, then you don't have a legitimate issue - you have a grudge. Shooting Off isn't the place for settling grudges.

These policies will apply to users and to moderators.

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For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

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